About All Clear Info LLC

Our Mission

All Clear Info LLC is on a mission to demystify the ever-changing world of Cryptocurrency and Telecommunications. We want to make these industries more accessible and understandable for everyone. We believe that by providing clear and concise information, we can help people make better-informed decisions about their finances and communications.

Shawn Naylor – Owner & Founder

Shawn Naylor is a self-proclaimed “chronic learner” and has always been fascinated by the ever-changing worlds of communications and Crypto. After 20 years in the Telecomm industry, Shawn found himself at a crossroads. He spent his days teaching people how to use their phones (and other devices) but wanted to help them understand all they could do with those tools.

With no formal training in business management or marketing, he took what he knew best – technology – and launched All Clear Info LLC & All Clear Crypto: one company for both your communications needs and your crypto wallet needs! His mission is to demystify all of the ever-changing worlds of communications and Crypto in an honest, no-nonsense manner. Shawn has been quoted as saying, “I may not be the smartest person in the room but I promise to make sure you understand what’s going on.”

Our Credo

1. DEMYSTIFY – Providing Clear and Concise Infomation

2. HONEST – To always write articles or reviews without bias, no matter who or what it may be.

3. BEST – I want my readers to understand that there are many options when it comes down to choosing what’s best for them. There isn’t one perfect way, but rather different approaches tailored specifically towards your needs and wants based on personal preference!

4. LISTEN – Take the time to review each and every message that a reader submits. Understanding it is not personal but another angle that I may have overlooked. But take their comments into consideration because in the end, All Clear Info wants to offer its readers a place they can trust coming back to for future comparisons.